first attempt at a wordless wednesday


7 Responses to “first attempt at a wordless wednesday”

  1. Self portrait? 😉 Nicely done! XOXO

  2. Most appropriately, I am speechless with your Wordless Wednesday post…

  3. LOL… rough week hon? Hugs

  4. IS that Willem Defoe?

  5. I dig this! I’m with a band called Psyk-ward Prophets…I’d like to use this in some of our art.

  6. Brandon Gibbons Says:

    This is actually my tattoo, My tat artist Shay did a fuckin awesome job at drawin this up for me. It’s my self portrait, except I have devil horns on mine. If anybody wants to see the pictures of the tat email me, I’ll send pictures

  7. luv it ,you got tallent.

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