What happens when you’re unemployed

NOT A DAMN THING! It’s the same thing over and over day after day, sleep until whenever, jump on the computer and look at job posting’s on some website be it jobnoggin, wijobs.com or whatever. There sure isn’t shit out there so I’ve resorted to calling all former employers and see if they need any help or know of someone looking for help. This really sucks, what is even more stupid is I got fired for a stupid reason, having facial hair and having a laptop at work. Well maybe i wouldn’t of had my laptop at work if you’d allow internet access on the computers there, or if it wasn’t so fucking boring there that I had to resort to doing something just so i wouldn’t fall asleep. Ah well, that job sucked anyways. So now I get to sit around and wait to hear from companies I’ve applied with and wonder when my first unemployment check will arrive, hopefully tomorrow or the next day who knows. Let’s see what else has been happening……I still can’t pass the practice test’s to be able to retest for my Microsoft Certification’s and no one will hire me without them so i’m pretty much screwed and stuck in dead end jobs for life. I suck at test’s always have always will. Called the school and they said they aren’t willing to help me with the stuff either so FUCK THEM. I was going to take bartending courses online for only $25 for a 4 hour thing. but I got my last check and couldn’t afford it. I guess I’m a stupid person knowing that the job market is shitty and still didn’t really care that i got fired. I was gonna sue them for wrongful termination but my lawyer advised that it wasn’t a smart thing to do. So guess what I did? I went and talked to a different lawyer LOL. She’s looking into it and to see if I have an actual case or a legit reason to take them to court. Let’s see what else……..Nothin really, been getting bored with the internet lately. I really don’t want to be on here but gotta keep looking for a job. Got a phone call from a friend the other day and he asked “is it normal for a person to say right before he falls asleep, “gee I hope i don’t wake up in the moring?”, um…….not really. I asked what’s goin on and he said he’s just stressed out. I told him as soon as I get a normal income again that him and I would go out for drinks, It seemed to cheer him up. OOOOOOH I found some hilarious stuff on youtube the other day by someone named Jabo0dyDubs. Look him up he does voice over dubs for billy mays infomercails. I can’t stop watching these things. It Makes me laugh everytime. well that’s it for now. i’ll be posting more now that i have the time lol


7 Responses to “What happens when you’re unemployed”

  1. ((hugs)) I hope you find work soon. That video is hilarious!!

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