Fuck off Celebrities

my open letter to Hollywood…..

Hey Asspipes,

How are things today? that’s good shut up I really don’t care. 1st off where the fuck do you get off telling me that i should spend my time doing volunteer work? I’ll do what I please with my time thank you very much (yeah i’m talkin to you Kutcher or @aplusk as you want to be known as on twitter, no one cares what you really have to say go back to being kelso already so you can have a career again huh?). Also stop trying to jam your views down the publics throat. No one cares if you just called congress for the 57,000 times to get health care reform to pass. currently there’s more then that that oppose it so it won’t pass no matter how many times your president tries to doctor it up and make it sound good, it’s a bad thing for America. Now i’m not saying all of you in Hollywood are bad, I actually respect the ones that do not try to ramp their beliefs down others throats. The American People are not as stupid as Bill Maher would like you to believe. Your President will fail yet again deal with it. Anyways back to my letter…. Keep your thoughts and ideas to yourself no one gives a shit, why do people follow you on twitter? so we can all laugh at your idiotic sayings and your government brainwashed dribble. So Shut The Fuck Up Already asspipes. Thanks
Best Wishes,

The Godfather


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