Possible Haunted Locations in the Milwaukee Area

Brookfield – Dousman Dunkel Behling Inn /Dousman House – It’s an old house that ages back to the civil war. Very powerful negative feelings occur by the guest house and smithy shop. One of the doors in the window has been reported to slam with nobody present. a Dark figure walks back and forth upstairs while looking in the front door windows. The Figure sometimes rushes people and impacts them with such great force they will fly backwards off the porch. Nobody really knows too much about the history of the house.


Cedarburg – Founder’s Park – The monument stone contains the recoverable names of the deceased which were laid to rest there. All that is left of the head stones to the original cemetery are small rocks and stones. There is a very strong negative feeling there, as well as many cold spots through out the park that will make the hair on your neck stand at lengths end on any given warm sunny day. You also don’t feel “alone” when you are there.

Greenfield – Whitnall Park – A woman wearing a flowing white glowing gown is holding what appears to be an infant child. She paces back and forth by the woods near the waterfall. You can see her perfect in the parking area. If she sees you she will walk toward you and if feels like you are being pushed away. She appears around 11 and if you are really quiet you sometimes can hear sounds of the infant crying.


Menomonee Falls – Main Street – It has been said that a while ago, a man got run over when the streets were first being settled. The man has been seen walking near shops, and he has also been seen wandering around North Middle School, and the schools’ properties around the Menomonee Falls area. The man is tall with darker features, and has a long beard. From time to time, people say at night you can hear the man murmuring as he walks around Main Street, and he has also been known to screw around with the Main Street clock. Rumor has it that the man was also involved with the burning down of a bar several years ago right along Main Street.


Menomonee Falls – Menomonee Co Park office – Old army barracks. Ghostly sounds have been heard at night. May have been built over an old Indian Burial Mound by the US Army.


Mequon – Concordia University Wisconsin – When Concordia moved from downtown Milwaukee to its current location in Mequon (sold to them by the nuns who had lived here), it is said that a Sister named Sister Sixtoes was unwilling to move. She ended up dying near what is the chapel today. She still haunts the chapel as well as the dorms of Coburg, Catherine, and Augsburg. Students have reported sightings of an outline of a ghostly figure when walking down the stairs near the chapel late at night. Students have also reported things being moved in their rooms as well as lights, radios, TV’s, etc. Being turned on and off when no one else was around. Many strange things have occurred over the years that students have sworn was done by good ol’ Sister Sixtoes.


Milwaukee – Bell Middle School – If you drive past Bell Middle School , you might see on the lawn of the school, a man walking with a black book bag. Whenever a car passes by and if the man hears the car, he’ll stop, look on the side and down to the grass. Then, he’ll continue walking. To recognize him, look for his dark black shirt, and his dark blue jeans. He has no shoes, or feet, just legs. He’s totally bald and comes out after 9:00 usually. If you’re lucky, he might be walking on the playground and he’ll look up, then continue walking. One more thing – good luck finding him and report back if you spot him!


Milwaukee – Cardinal Stritch University – Stritch DormsCardinal Stritch dorms used to be a place where nuns would live. In the basement of Stritch they used to keep the sickly nuns that would eventually die. Sometime after dark you can hear the nun walking around the hallways. Also in some of the rooms on 3 Center spirits will tear posters off the wall, closets will open on their own, locked doors will swing open, and random objects will be pushed off desks onto the floor. On 2 west you can hear running up and down the hall. As soon as you open your door to see who it is the running will stop. When you close your door the running will startup again.

Milwaukee – Cathedral Mayer-Krom Building – The late nineteenth century Mayer-Krom Building at S 8th and W Mitchell Streets in Milwaukee WI 53204 is were the Milton Family are said to have been murdered Oct 3, 1943, with hauntings ever since. Hence MARS Distributing created an actual haunted house there to view each October. Their official website is: – www.marshauntedhouse.com MARS = Milwaukee Area Radio Stations.

Milwaukee – Grand Avenue Mall – Three security guards on second shift noticed a small dark figure dancing on the second floor. When they arrived at the site, no one was around. All the doors were locked and all the exits were within the guards’ view as they went to the area of the sighting.

Milwaukee – Holy hill cemetery – When Pictures are taken a thick mist will appear in the image. Witnesses report just hanging out at night then a mist started forming in front of the car, it drifted up and eventually formed the shape of an old man. You could see his eyes, face, clothes, hands and even his beard. But you could also see right through him and see the trees on the other side.

Milwaukee – Marquette University – Helfaer Theater – The Marquette Theater is haunted by a former Artistic Director who died in Studio 13. He mostly bangs around the catwalks, and sometimes people see him in the Studio.

Milwaukee – Marquette University – Humphrey Hall – a student dormitory for Juniors and Seniors, Humphrey used to be the former Milwaukee children’s hospital, and the basement was the morgue. Many children passed on in the building, and it is said several spirits still haunt the place today. Public Safety officers have reported seeing children on the camera monitors, and students have reported hearing singing, laughing, crying, and screaming as well as seeing the ghost of children.

Milwaukee – Marquette University – Johnston Hall – which was the first building erected on the campus, a Jesuit priest (or it might have been two) threw themselves off the top floor, or the roof, and their spirits still haunt the building. Witnesses often get strange feelings whenever walking down a hall alone.

Milwaukee – Marquette University – Mashuda Hall – In one of the dorms, a girl apparently committed suicide in one of the rooms years ago, and residents who lived in the room afterwards reported poltergeist activity: sounds, flying objects, and writing on the fogged-up window. However, a priest blessed the room and performed some kind of exorcism, and the activity ceased, and hasn’t returned since.

Milwaukee – Marquette University – Straz Hall – formerly East Hall & a YMCA – little boy named Petey drowned in the pool when it was a YMCA, and his ghost still haunts the basement, and you can hear him walk toward you.

Milwaukee – Marquette University – Varsity Hall – a stagehand man was apparently smoking a cigarette while taking a break, and accidentally leaned into a huge metal fan, which killed him by cutting him into pieces.

Milwaukee – Modjeca Theatre – balls of light, white lady on the stage and the “balcony man”. Figures have been seen in one’s peripheral vision and balls of light have been reported. Legend says that at some point in history the balcony collapse and a lot of people died.

Milwaukee – Old Northwest General Hospital – A former worker reports On the top floor there were dozens of times that voices could be heard, women crying, ceiling tiles moved about. There was no one in the ceiling, no place to go. Often we could hear dogs barking inside the building. A security guard quit after seeing a person running and then disappearing into a wall. A doctor was murdered by his jealous wife in that area. Also, the top floor of the facility performed abortions on young un-married women. Also the ICU was on that floor. Footsteps could be heard on the main floor when they where the only one in the building, and voices from behind closed doors in the old emergency room.

Milwaukee – The Pfister Hotel – on the 8th floor, in the hotel, (the storage floor) Mr. Phister is seen walking the halls with his dog. Within the hotel, consist hundreds of paintings of dogs.

Milwaukee – The Rave – Eagles Club – This building built in the late 20’s was an all male athletic club. Many areas of the building are very cold even in the heat of summer. The ballroom has access to a door that leads to the dome maintenance room which also leads to the roof has many times been investigated by security after reports of someone throwing things off the roof. When investigated no one is found, when things like empty beer cups and ashtrays have been found below. The basement floor which houses access to the pool viewing porthole and also the boiler room, has a dirt floor that security doing a sweep of the building at closing time, have felt the strong urge to leave by a presence and feeling of coldness that is overwhelming, also accompanied by a strong odor of starch or bleach smell. It is said that after it was closed and reopened as a shelter, a man that ran it was abusive and very intolerable, to the young men that stayed there. His negative energy is felt and reports of his apparition and coldness in the pool area and in the boiler room. As far as his apparition is concerned, they were reported by bar staff accompanying the security during sweeps, they were most likely under the influence of alcohol at the time. A strong sense of negative energy is felt in all parts of the building. Always felt at night when the building closes. Strange noise like shuffling feet and loud bangs can be heard while sweeping the building fro people who may hideout after a show. It may be heard in one area and when looked into the noises are heard in the area that was just secured. Unexplainable feeling of negative energy exists in the building. There is also the ghost of a little girl at the Rave. A worker who worked there for a year or so, spent time in the coat check area in the basement. There are catacomb like hallways that run behind the coat check area. One night during a concert, they heard a little girl laughing coming from the rear hallway. When they got up to look, a wind blew through the room, and a feeling of dread came over them, and in an instant it was over.

Milwaukee – River Hills – Milwaukee Country Club – Spirit pats people on the shoulder at times yet is no where to be seen.

Milwaukee – South Milwaukee – Grant Park – Seven Bridges – It has be rumored that if you go to Seven Bridges and walk the paths during a full moon between the times of 9:30pm and Midnight (Don’t walk alone)you will see different colors of lights dancing around in the woods and if you go farther into the woods you would hear what sounds to be laughter and screams. If you are really quiet you can hear foot steps in the woods coming towards you and with those foot steps you can hear very heavy breathing, if you wait for those foot steps to come to you, you will feel a very uneasy feeling come over you like an evil feeling. It’s said that adults and children have been killed there and even suicides from the people that did the killings. (WARNING! the park closes at 10:00pm, so don’t park in the park after that time, park on a side street. If you get caught by police you will get ticketed). It’s also rumored that if you stand on one of the bridges that a mist or an apparition of a person would happen right in front of you. The apparition could possible be one of the victims.

Milwaukee – St. Adalbert Catholic Church/School – The school building used to be the church. Rumor has it that a boy fell to his death from the balcony. The balcony has since been walled over and converted to a room. Former teachers and students at the school attest to a strange feeling in the former balcony area. There is also a rocking chair in the attic that keeps rocking with no one around and no breeze. A strange man has been seen by staff and children in the church basement. Neighbors report that a former building on the site had a light that never went out even when the electricity was cut. Teachers also report feeling uneasy in the basement bathroom and hearing a strange “wooooooing” sound.

Milwaukee – Saint Rafael school – South Campus – this school has many haunted places included the girls bathroom where a young girl dressed in a olden day school uniform haunts it also one girl reported once that when she was alone in the building after volleyball pratice she heard people’s voices coming from the gym when she went to investigate no one was there. also phantom drafts and reported noises from the upper gym when no one occupied it at the current time. this school is located on 31st and Lincoln on Milwaukee’s south side

Milwaukee – Tamorack – Reports of footsteps running up the back stairs, arguing and heard a door open and then slam shut. An old woman was also seen in the mirror of the woman’s bathroom.

Milwaukee – University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee – Sandburg Halls – there have been many incidents in North Tower. On the G2 level there is occasionally mysterious squeaking coming through the concrete floors, objects are known to move independently.

Milwaukee – Wisconsin Lutheran college – At least six different spirits have been witnessed repeatedly -a poltergeist, a signing nun, the mother superior, a janitor, strangely-laughing children and an malevolent presence have all been reported.

these are just some places said to be haunted, there are many more that i’ll most likely post within the next couple of days if i get around to it or remember to do it. Also I would like to add I would love to check out the area by Children’s Hospital and The Ronald McDonald house as it is the site of the old potter’s field and there is a graveyard there and possibly many unmarked graves. Well I hope you enjoy reading this post and have a happy and safe Halloween.


18 Responses to “Possible Haunted Locations in the Milwaukee Area”

  1. Crystal Brady Says:

    Did you ever check out the old Ronald McDonald house?

  2. I believe most of these sites are real, especially Holy Hill and Old Northwest General Hospital. That old hospital is so creepy.

  3. Just got back from 7 Bridges and wow i have to say there is something there. i just wish i knew how many people died there cause i have an evp where my friend asks how many of you are here and i have a female voice saying 11.

    • my boyfriend me and my brother all walked across the 7 bridges and then when we were walking back towards the long stairs over the bridges again we felt something move past us then turned around a huge black mist shaped like a man was walking towards us just calmly walking towards us then disappeared

  4. i go to st adalbert school and trust me it is creepy and yes a boy did fall from the balcony our gym teacher tells to not go their(the chruch basment we have gym their)

  5. 7 bridges… so creepy…*shivers*

  6. embryonyx Says:

    At the end of the day, people believe what they want to believe. Whether it be an ugly revelation, or a sad truth. But do believe ME when I say 7 Bridges is haunted. A women is heard screeching out in pain deep in the woods. & as for St. Adalbert I volunteer there a lot and I often find myself being watched, by a young entity. Perhaps its the little boy who fell to his death?

  7. bell middle school now know as wedgewood park is haunted i am currently attending the school and have spotted the evey year since my sixth grade year

  8. me and a couple of friends are wanting to go to a really haunted place does anybody know of any and if so do you have to get permission or can you just go?

    • If you really want to go to a haunted place, ask for permission to come inside this address: 1029 s 19th st Milwaukee wi 53204 I lived there for 6 years and every day someone was walking behind me when I was getting ready to go to work that was around 5 am but I heard all kind of noises including dishes falling at night even after I was trying to find the dishes at the next day nothing was there it was really creepy.

  9. Its not Phister, it’s Pfister

  10. The old rmdhouse was built on the property of the old south division home for idiots and imbasiles.I have been inside the old south div bldg several times and seen the underground tunnels cells and hackles on the walls before demolition.

  11. I used to go to St. Barbara ‘s now called St. Rafael from 1977 to 1984. The girls bathroom in the basement was haunted. You would be the only 1 down there using the toilet but always heard voices and other stall doors swinging open. When you came out nobody was there. That bathroom was rarely used, sometimes we would be forced to use it if the janitor was cleaning the girls bathroom on the 1 st floor. Most us kids flew up the steps to get out of there lol.

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