what happened to our child like beliefs?

A SHORT, QUICK AND EASY POST While i was taking a shit last night something hit me(I guess it’s true we do our best thinking while in the bathroom) when we were little we believed in things from the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, St. Nick, Santa Clause. what the hell happened? when did we stop believing in these things? yeah it sounds crazy to be in your 20’s and 30’s and older and believe in them all but who says we still can’t? Who decided for us that at a certain age we have to stop believing? Is it because we were afraid of getting laughed at by others when we mention Santa? Why the fuck should we care what people think about when it comes to our beliefs?I don’t get it. Now i ask you a question, at what age did you stop believing in Santa Clause and the other things? I’ll close this by wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


One Response to “what happened to our child like beliefs?”

  1. I think I stopped believing when I noticing my parents stopped trying so hard to keep the illusions intact. And when my daughter was born, and none of them showed up the first year, it was all over. Just kidding. Seriously though, I really wish Santa did exist because his elves could save me a shit load of money every year.

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