what’s up people, it’s been awhile

Hey people it’s been a while since I last blogged so I’ll get ya up to date with that’s been happening for the last 9 months or whatever it’s been. Well I am still working at the car dealership doing oil changes and tire rotations, it sucks at times but then I think back to how I was 9 months ago and realize it’s better than that. I got back with an ex girlfriend in January after not seeing each other for almost 5 or 6 years and we’re still together. There has been highs and lows, ups and downs but we’ve worked through it all and are still happy. she’s great though she puts up with all my shit and even calls me out on it sometimes so I guess that’s a good thing lol. Her kids love me and they know I won’t let anything happen to them so that’s good. the fun part is when I show up there and they don’t know I’m coming over and they’ll be in the play room playing with each other and I’ll just yell “Bitches” and the come running and screaming my name. I don’t think I’d want to change any of that for a really really really long time. for the first time in a long time I’m happy again. yeah there’s still those thoughts I had almost a year ago, but then I think of my girl and her kids and they go away. it’s odd, I’ve always said I hated kids but something about her kids changes all that. yeah there are times that I just want to put them into the wall but then I look at their faces and smile, then I look at my girl and smile even more. When other people are around we don’t even have to be all “I Love You” because we just look at each other and smile because we know what we’re thinking. All and all it’s been an ok 2010 so far. well i suppose that’s it for now if I remember to do this more I’ll try to do it more. if not oh well I’m just another pointless blogger that rambles on and on and really don’t have anything important to say. You all take care now


One Response to “what’s up people, it’s been awhile”

  1. Yes, it does sound like 2010 has been good to you so far. I am so happy that you have found happiness and wish you the best in this renewed relationship.

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