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New Job=New Begginings?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on October 28, 2008 by TheGodfather

So I had a job interview which would now be considered yesterday considering the time but anyways, all went well they offered me a possition with the company. It’s doing security again which i don’t want to do but it’s something until something better comes along. I need to get caught up on my bills, all the companies have been very understanding and supportive of me during my time laid off which i find to be extremely odd. Well anyways after next monday i probably won’t be on much except my days off until i get use to walking 28 floors of the building i’m going to be working at and the parking structure. It probably wouldn’t be so bad but they tell me i can’t smoke which i think is a complete crock of shit, but i’ll talk to my manager type person since she said i could smoke so i don’t know what’s goin on there lol. i’ll probably have to wait for the people to leave the building for the night considering i’m working the same building that the main office is in. well anyways i’m alittle scared of it cause of all the walking and not having health insurance and being out of asthma meds this should be fun.